Alkaline Diet Benefits

Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

A wolf or wild dog would naturally eat an alkaline diet, as the blood, intestines and spinal fluid of the prey animal ARE alkaline. All of our dry formulas are flash cooked to maintain nutritional integrity which allows optimum absorption of nutrients, at the same time minimizing damage to the protein and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Our unique processing procedure ensures that the herbs are time released into the stomach to produce the desired urine alkalinity of 7.1 to 7.4 – This is the best way to make a true alkaline diet for our pets.

A dog in the wild would not save meat from one day’s catch to mix with another day’s. We created our limited ingredient diets with single protein and single complex carbohydrate to mimic what a wolf or wild dog would eat in nature. Single protein, single complex carbohydrate helps to eliminate allergies in our pets.

Canine Caviar believes in Protein Rotation. Dogs in the wild would eat whatever they are able to hunt on that day (i.e. chicken today and duck tomorrow.) With the wide range of our Single Protein Single Complex Carbohydrate formulas, you can rotate through our proteins to ensure your pet is getting the variety of amino acids they require. This helps to maintain a healthy immune system and reduce allergy issues.

The pH level is one of the most important balance systems of the body. It is helpful to first understand acidity vs alkalinity and how eating affects pH level. Diet and water are the most key changes we can make to balance the dog’s natural pH. By feeding them an alkaline diet, you provide them with a pH balanced body for good health and natural healing. We offer FREE pH test strips, find out your dog’s pH level.

We address health concerns such as diabetes, degenerative disease, kidney, liver and heart disease. Also, when your pet’s urine is too acidic this can burn and kill grass. We provide pH test strips to allow you to see the change in your pet’s pH from acidic to alkaline.

All of our formulas are Hypo Allergenic, they contain NO chemical preservatives, by-products, GMO, glutens, BHA, BHT and ethoxyquin. They are allergen free with no corn, no wheat and no soy. Helping reduce shedding, scratching and hotspots.

Tissues and blood need oxygen to remain healthy. Acidic environments can prevent oxygen from reaching the body’s tissue. An Alkaline diet helps by putting more oxygen in the blood allowing the blood and cells to move freely throughout the body. With oxygen flowing through the blood it can help eliminate health issues such as liver and kidney disease. Without enough oxygen the DNA self-repair mechanism will not function properly, causing free radical damage.