Why Canine Caviar

Why Feed and Recommend Canine Caviar?

We are the First and ONLY Alkaline Dog Food with a pH Balance of 7.1 - 7.4

Low Carb • Low Glycemic • No Gluten • No GMO 

Why Recommend Canine Caviar:

 Straight Transition to Canine Caviar – the closest diet to how a wolf or wild dog would eat in nature.

 L.I.D – Limited Ingredient Diet.

 One Protein and One Complex Carbohydrate.

 Protein Rotation for Amino Acid Diversity.

 A Veterinary Alternative Diet.

Why Feed Canine Caviar:

Highest Metabolized Calories

the higher the metabolized energy, the less you need to feed.

Better absorption 

Better nutrition

Flash Cooked ( 6 seconds ) at 82 degree Celsius

nutritional integrity and increases bioavailability.

Highest Digestibility at 91% – 93%

the highest on the market.

Our Alkaline Diets:

Change the pH Balance to 7.1 – 7.4.
Put more oxygen in the blood.
Reduces anaerobic activity (aging).
Settle digestive upsets.

Minimize cellular degeneration.
Reduces health risks and degenerative diseases.
Reduces scratching, shedding and hotspots.
Allows DNA self-recovery mechanism to function properly.