FDA Investigation into Potential Link between Certain Diets and Canine Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Peas, Chickpeas, Rice, Grains
Utilizing the ingredients (Peas, Chickpeas, Brown Rice and Pearl Millet) in their natural and complete form, maintains the nutritional integrity and very minimally adds to the protein level.


The benefits for our pets are best when using the whole complex carbohydrate item not partial, such as their protein, starch or fiber derivatives.
Great care is taken to ensure all the vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids are at the proper level. This includes a carefully selected ingredient panel with the addition of taurine and multiple vitamins.
All of Canine Caviar diets are made with sustainable protein sources, with animal protein as the first and primary ingredient.
Canine Caviar Kibble Range
When fed Canine Caviar, dogs will have the benefit of

an average of 90% of the protein in their diet from lean muscle meat

from sources that are Wild Caught, Non GMO and Antibiotic & Hormone Free. The single complex carbohydrates in each diet are added based on the health benefits each offer

FDA states concentrated plant proteins

(ie concentrated pea protein or concentrated potato protein, etc.)

May lead to cardiomyopathy
(Taurine Deficiency)

Canine Caviar Education

Concentrated pea or potato protein DOES NOT contain essential amino acids like Taurine. Taurine is an essential amino acid for heart health and is from animal protein.Canine Caviar diets are made with sustainable meat protein as the primary ingredient.

Sighthounds have a history of Cardiomyopathy issues. Canine Caviar has always added Taurine to our kibble diets for additional heart support.