How to Improve Your Pet’s Quality of Life

Acidity, Alkalinity and Proper pH Levels

pH balance is key to good health and natural healing.

Canine Caviar formulas are designed to be pH Balance at 7.1 to 7.4 and that’s how it makes a difference. If your dog’s pH is less than 7.0, you should feed CANINE CAVIAR.
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Harmful Effects of Acidity

Increases anaerobic activity (aging).

 Reduces amount of Oxygen in the blood.

 Degenerative diseases are acidic and devoid of oxygen.

 Leaches calcium from bones is released into the kidney, resulting in stone formation before being excreted.

Acidosis is excessive consumption of protein, which is metabolized „acidically“ because of sulfur content.

 Without enough oxygen the DNA self-repair mechanism will not function causing free radical damage.

How Eating Affects pH Level

Diet and water are the most important changes we can make to balance the dog’s natural pH. By feeding them the alkaline food, you provide them a pH balance body for good health and natural healing.

Benefits of an Alkaline Diet

Better cellular regeneration.

Puts more oxygen in the blood.

Will help to prevent against health concerns and degenerative diseases.

Will help settle digestive upsets, reduce scratching and hotspots.

Will reduce anaerobic activity (aging) and increase aerobic activity.

The same as they would eat in nature.

Acidic and Alkaline Foods

The following list indicates which foods are acidic and alkaline. The left side of the chart indicates acidic foods, or foods that are more harmful. The right side of the chart indicates alkaline foods, or food that would be most beneficial.